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$3,890/ppd; add $970 for single room

$800 Deposit; Balance due November 20, 2022

Please send payment via check to:
GDP Tours
PO Box 363
Billings, MT 59103

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  • If you cancel 90-60 calendar days before departure, you will forfeit amount equal to the deposit paid.
  • If you cancel 59-30 calendar days before departure, you will forfeit 50% of gross fare.
  • If you cancel 29 calendar days or less before departure, you will forfeit 100% of gross fare.


Efforts to keep travelers safe, please read and agree beside the following statements:
In consideration of being allowed to attend & participate in the above named tour/trip, I agree to hold harmless and forever release Group Destination Planners, LLC, GDP Tours, Adult Resource Alliance, City of Billings Community and Senior Center, and all affiliates, their agents, and employees from any and all cause or causes of action, claims, costs, and liabilities of any kind, nature or description involving or relating to any and all harm, injury or damage suffered or sustained by me in any manner arising out of this tour/trip. This "hold harmless/release" applies to my heirs, personal representatives, successors, and assigns.
Group Destination Planners, LLC DBA GDP Tours is not able to assume liability for any loss or damage due to breakage or theft caused by air or land carriers and/or hotel handling. Additionally, we are not able to accept responsibility for losses or damages to personal property or for injuries, illnesses, expenses, or damages incurred by any tour member.
Tour Director(s)/Manager(s) and Motor Coach/Bus Driver are not responsible for the transport or storage of wheelchairs or scooters, including assembling or disassembling.
** A traveling companion is required if you need assistance with any special-needs equipment brought on tour.
'I further certify that I am in sufficient health and independently capable of making this tour/trip.'

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$3,890/ppd; add $970 for single room

$800 Deposit; Balance due November 20, 2022

Please send payment via check to:
GDP Tours
PO Box 363
Billings, MT 59103

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